”This I would have liked to know when I finished my education!” We have heard this from so many course participants over the years. We want to help people reach the full potential of their body. We do something that we fully believe in, but which everyone else thinks is folly. We challenge established truths by teaching difficult things in a simple way.

Our courses are strongly focused on the practically useful and quickly applicable. We want to convey a tool that is both useful and fun. The course gives you a structured model for effective training, based on a synthesis of biomechanics and neurodynamics.

The basic course provides a good introduction to how You integrate this thinking into all forms of training. There are many good concepts in the market. What distinguishes UNP is that the nervous system is taken into account in all contexts, that is:

  • not to provoke the nervous system
  • to stimulate the nervous system (circulation, mobility, proprioception)
  • to train function, not a muscle


Course Content:

  • Neuroanatomy & neurophysiology
  • Simple & rational diagnostics according to the test-retest principle
  • A model for which exercises to choose for the customer
  • Emphasis on restoring function rather than looking too much into details

Comments from previous course participants

What a weekend, learned from some very knowledgeable, experienced and reputable people at one of the best lifting gyms in Dubai, Desert Barbell. I can’t disclose much of what I’ve learnt but I can say this. I’m absolutely humbled by what I’ve learned and has clarified and DEBUNKED A LOT of untruths I was veering towards in search of answers but now know otherwise. How? We did a practical assessment to confirm its application and my mind is still a bit blown away. Excited with the practical application of what I’ve learned on myself but moreso for the people I work with to get better everyday towards their goals. SO EXCITED TO GET BACK TO WORK.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn something so useful. Looking forward to more courses and I’ll always remember to KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.

– Glen Kerr, Qualified Exercise and Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


Incredibly interesting course. Good course structure where theory and practical elements are intertwined so you get to experience the physical changes live and really see how big a difference the techniques can create. Pedagogical and pleasant teachers. Highly recommended.

– Clas Wahlén, Personal Trainer


The UNP course offered a whole new perspective regarding the nervous system and strategies on how to implement it as a Personal Trainer as well as a Chiropractor, Naprapath or Physical Therapist. The course as a whole was very educational and the lecturers had a very high pedagogical level as well as being inspirational and offering a lot of real life examples on how the method could be applied. As both a personal trainer and future Naprapath I would highly recommend you to take this course.

– Sebastian Kask, Personal Trainer, Student at The Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine


Excellent course if you want to immerse yourself in the world of exercise and physiology and to come to the next level in how you look at function. A course for those of you who are training nerds

– Ferdi Ilkson, Personal Trainer

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