Ultimate Nerve Performance was born out of the frustration many people experience when their training does not produce the results they want, no matter what level they are at. After many years of experience, it was obvious to us that the training models of today don’t fully succeed in helping people with just that.

We want to help people reach their goals

By involving the nervous system directly in training you can help your clients reach their goals. That such a simple solution could help so many and in addition increase your clientele certainly sounds unlikely at first, but when you look at the training world today, it is not only possible but likely.

When you can line up an endless list of your client’s problems, what would you give a quick answer to what to do? Probably quite a lot … Now that knowledge is here and it is evidence-based.

One of our guiding principles is to make everything as simple and rational as possible, or as someone put it: ”Perfection is not when you can’t add anything more but when you can’t subtract anything more.” By the way, we have the leading techniques in the market, we have research that shows that.

David Felhendler

Physiotherapist in private practice for 25 years, runs LöparAkuten in Stockholm

Oscar Lernell

Naprapath in private practice since 11 years, runs Naprapat-Rehab in Stockholm

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